• About the company

  • We invite to the logistic company "AC-Logistic"

  • For over than years AC-Logistic successfully operates in the market of international, multy-modal and domestic logistics and has earned the reputation of a reliable partner.

    Our individual workout of requests of any complexity, allows you to come up with a mutually beneficial and reliable solution for organizing the logistics process in the whole or any part of it.

  • Benefits

  • Ensures successful execution of each order:

  • Great experience in the domestic and international market

  • Deep understanding of the legislative framework

  • Business culture and the specifics of providing logistic services in Ukraine, China and the EU

  • A highly qualified staff will help you to easily arrange any
    logistics of any complexity you need.

  • We offer

  • 01

  • Land logistics

    We provide any Export and Import Freight Transportation between Ukraine and EU, Asia and the Customs Union  

  • 02

  • Aviation logistics

    Export and Import Cargo Transportation by Air between Ukraine, EU, Customs Union and Central Asia 

  • 03

  • Maritime Logistics

    We provide Delivery from China, India, Egypt, Georgia, Turkey and Germany to the ports of Black Sea and afterwards directly to your customs and warehouse 

  • 04

  • Temperature-controlled Logistics

    Carriage of goods within Ukraine and in International routes by frigo-transport with temperature regime from -20 to + 30 °C  

  • 05

  • Customs brokerage services

    Customs posts and terminals of Kyiv and Kyiv region, in Commercial Ports of Odessa and at the cargo terminal of Boryspil International Airport.  

  • If you have questions about services or products?

    You can contact us by phone