• Temperature-controlled Logistics

  • Our individual workout of requests of any complexity, allows you to come up with a mutually beneficial and reliable solution for organizing the logistics process in the whole or any part of it.

  • “AC-Logistic” provides  any export, import and domestic carriage of goods by refrigerating-transport with temperature regime from -20 to + 30 °C

  • We offer temperature-controlled transportation within Ukraine and in International routes (EU, Central Asia, Turkey, Egypt, USA)

  • "AC-Logistic" offers scheduled deliveries to sales offices, network and line retailers in Kiev and Ukraine with expedition services and return of accounting documentation.

The entire refrigeration fleet is equipped with sanitary documents and FRC certificates.

  • A highly qualified staff will help you to easily arrange any logistics of any complexity you need.

  • The valuable advantage of the company "AC-Logistics"

    Great experience in the domestic and international market, deep understanding of the legislative framework, business culture and the specifics of providing logistic services in Ukraine, China and the EU, ensures successful execution of each order.

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