• Maritime Logistics

  • Our individual workout of requests of any complexity, allows you to come up with a mutually beneficial and reliable solution for organizing the logistics process in the whole or any part of it.

  • We provide delivery from China, India, Malaysia, Egypt, USA, Canada and Turkey to the ports of Black Sea, North and Baltic Seas. Afterwards, directly to your warehouse. In emport and export directions.

  • We provide Forwarding, Expedition and Registration services, Handling and Warehousing in port of Black Sea, North and Baltic Seas.

  • We deliver containers by trucks or railway from ports of discharge to your warehouse\customs

  • The valuable advantage of the company "AC-Logistics"

    Great experience in the domestic and international market, deep understanding of the legislative framework, business culture and the specifics of providing logistic services in Ukraine, China and the EU, ensures successful execution of each order.

  • A highly qualified staff will help you to easily arrange any logistics of any complexity you need.